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Commitment, responsibility, and love are the cornerstones of
pet ownership and the recipe for a lifetime of fun with
our animal companions whether they are
feathered, furry or finned.
is dedicated to helping parents and their children understand
that pet ownership is a lifelong commitment to care for and love
an animal.  
Loving Marley will delight, teach, and guide young
readers and new pet owners as they are introduced to the
day-by-day joys and trials that adopting a family pet brings.  
Did you know about the growing love affair we have with companion

  • Pet spending is at an all time high estimated at $38.4 billion in 2006, making
    the pet industry 60% larger than the toy industry (est. $20 billion).
  • Pet spending is expected to increase to $52 billion in the next two years.
  • 69.1 million homes – 63% of US households own a pet, with estimates of
    73.9 million dogs and 90.5 million cats.
  • Unfortunately approximately 8 to 12 million companion animals enter animal
    shelters nationwide every year, and approximately 5 million to 9 million are
    euthanized each year (60% of dogs and 70% of cats).
    Source:  ASPCA and APPMA – American Pet Products Manufacturer Association

According to the National Council on Pet Population Study and Policy – Shelter
Statistics Survey, owner ignorance populates shelters with unwanted dogs and
cats, and pets that spend most of their time isolated from their family in crates or in
the back yard tied up are at greater risk of being surrendered to a shelter.
  1. Moving
  2. Landlord issues
  3. Cos of pet maintenance
  4. No time for pet
  5. Inadequate facilities
  6. Too many pets in home
  7. Pet illness (es)
  8. Personal problems
  9. Biting
  10. No homes for littermates
  1. Too many in house
  2. Allergies
  3. Moving
  4. Cost of pet maintenance
  5. Landlord issues
  6. No homes for littermates
  7. House soiling
  8. Personal problems
  9. Inadequate facilities
  10. Doesn't get along with other pets
Many of the above reasons that pet owners give for relinquishing their pets to
shelters can be easily resolved through educating new pet owners on the
importance and practice of responsible pet ownership skills.  New pet owners may
not be aware, knowledgeable enough or prepared for the reality of owning a pet.
The Top Ten Reasons for Pet Relinquishment to Shelters
in the United States:
WHY are so many companion animals dying in our shelters
if our nation is spending so much money on them?
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