A Family Together Forever & Ever!
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is dedicated to helping parents and their children understand
that pet ownership is a lifelong commitment to care for and love
an animal.  
Loving Marley will delight, teach, and guide young
readers and new pet owners as they are introduced to the
day-by-day joys and trials that adopting a family pet brings.  
Commitment, responsibility, and love are the cornerstones of
pet ownership and the recipe for a lifetime of fun with
our animal companions whether they are
feathered, furry or finned.
For All Of Our Rescue Volunteers...
The PugTale Adventures is a
ground-breaking new series and
Loving Marley is an insightful picture
book for anyone who wants to adopt
a pet or owns a pet!
Loving Marley will
delight, teach, and
guide young readers
and new pet owners
as they are
introduced to the
day-by-day joys and
trials that adopting a
family pet brings.  
63 % of all U.S. households own a pet (est.) 73.9 million dogs and 90.5 million cats, and pet
spending is at an all time high at an est. $38.4 billion in 2006 making the pet industry larger than
the toy industry - But 8 million to 12 million companion animals enter animal shelters nationwide
every year and approximately 5 million to 9 million are euthanized each year (60% of dogs and
70% of cats.
WHY are so many companion animals dying in our shelters
if our nation is spending so much money on them?
According to the National Council on Pet Population Study and Policy – Shelter
Statistics Survey, owner ignorance populates shelters with unwanted dogs and cats,
and pets that spend most of their time isolated from their family in crates or in the back
yard tied up are at greater risk of being surrendered to a shelter.

Many of the reasons that pet owners give for relinquishing their pets to shelters can be
easily resolved through educating new pet owners on the importance and practice of
responsible pet ownership skills.  New pet owners may not be aware, knowledgeable
enough or prepared for the reality of owning a pet.
For Kurt and Ann and Ben and Justy
it was love at first sight from the
moment they saw the adorable playful
puppy.  But were all their hearts big
enough to make a lifelong
commitment to add a pet to their
family. In
Loving Marley, the Barkers
soon learn adopting a pet is a big
responsibility and a decision that, with
patience and love, will lead to a
lifetime of fun and adventures!
Loving Marley is the introductory title of the groundbreaking and insightful PugTale
Adventures series and is positioned to inspire and innitiate a positive learning
experience to young children at the primary age levels as to what it's like to adopt a
pet, how to love a pet and what it means to commit to loving a pet for a lifetime.

The PugTale Adventures Pet Education Program concentrates on associating children
with an adorable character that they can fall in love with, associate feelings with that
are similar to theirs, thereby building a human-pet bond that can last over time.
Will you love me Forever?
If a child can learn to spend their
Loving Marley... they can
learn to spend their lives loving
their pets forever and ever too!
Please visit our Pet Ed Program page.  Learning and educational
information like pet related statistics, an explanation of character and
humane education, how children benefits from pets and how pets help
us with our health can all be found on our
Pet Ed Program page.
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A familiar scene - the Barker
family, excited to bring their
new puppy home,
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At the end of one day Marley
bravely asked,
"Will you always love me
and take care of me forever?"
Marley chewed Ben's Teddy Bear!  Boo Hoo!
By using realistic illustrations, our
series of books are able to teach
parents and children about pet care
and responsible pet ownership.
The First PugTale Adventure!
until they realize—
sometimes sharing their
love can be hard.

Rescue volunteers know
that difficult situations with
pets over time can result in
homeless pets that need to
be rescued.
Kurt & Ann & Ben & Justy ready to bring Marley home!