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Character Education refers to teaching the basic principles of right and wrong
and often include values like; responsibility, respect, fairness, integrity, honesty
and caring.  Humane Education refers to the same values with focus on
fostering compassion and respect for all living beings including the environment
and animals.
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is dedicated to helping parents and their children understand
that pet ownership is a lifelong commitment to care for and love
an animal.  
Loving Marley will delight, teach, and guide young
readers and new pet owners as they are introduced to the
day-by-day joys and trials that adopting a family pet brings.  
Commitment, responsibility, and love are the cornerstones of
pet ownership and the recipe for a lifetime of fun with
our animal companions whether they are
feathered, furry or finned.
Character & Humane Education
Character Education
focuses on the basic
principles of:
  1. right and wrong
  2. responsibility
  3. respect
  4. fairness
  5. integrity
  6. honesty
  7. caring
Humane Education
focuses on the same
  1. right and wrong
  2. responsibility
  3. respect
  4. fairness
  5. integrity
  6. honesty
  7. caring
Humane Education adds:
  1. compassion and
    respect for all
    living beings
  2. compassion and
    respect for the
  3. animal welfare
By using animals as the main subject, values like, nurturing, empathy
and unconditional love can also be taught.   

Animals can engage children through their imagination, hold their attention
and can make learning abstract subjects easier and more fun.  When
animals are used to teach lessons to children the benefits can be:

For the Child and Student:
  • Academics become a part of their relevant world through the use of
    animal related learning activities and discussions.
  • Experiences that are common and familiar to the student help students
    remember lessons and how to apply them to their world.
  • Important concepts and values are taught that instill humanity.

For the Parent and Teacher:
  • Animals highly motivate learning.
  • Humane Education stimulates the desire to learn.
  • Learning about and from animals is enjoyable.

For the Animals:
  • Through empathy, respect for their being is learned.
  • Animals needs and how to meet those needs is learned.
  • Animals can count on an advocate for their rights.
Character and Humane Lessons on
these values can have a positive
influence and benefit to schools,
teachers, educators, parents,
students, our enviroment, animals
and pets, classroom dynamics,
teacher/student relations, peer
relationships and family interactions
including the human-pet bond.
Loving Marley promotes Humane Education
values focused on Animal Welfare like:
  • lifetime commitment and love for
    companion animals
  • empathy and respect for pets feelings
  • how to meet the needs of a family pet
  • responsible pet ownership skills
  • forever homes for pets

Every time a parent or child reads Loving
they will enjoy learning how the human-
pet bond grows in new pet owners and how
easy it is to commit to loving a pet for a lifetime.
The First PugTale Adventure!
Loving Marley focuses on character education, humane education, responsible
pet ownership skills and family values and is an excellent addition to the family
that is contemplating bringing a new pet into the home.  Perfect for classroom
story-hour and instructional lessons using story-telling.
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