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is dedicated to helping parents and their children understand
that pet ownership is a lifelong commitment to care for and love
an animal.  
Loving Marley will delight, teach, and guide young
readers and new pet owners as they are introduced to the
day-by-day joys and trials that adopting a family pet brings.  
Commitment, responsibility, and love are the cornerstones of
pet ownership and the recipe for a lifetime of fun with
our animal companions whether they are
feathered, furry or finned.
  • Children who are taught how to be responsible for another living being
    learn commitment, love and respect.  When a child commits to love an
    animal for life they learn how to nurture and raise that being the best way
    possible and having love and respect for all forms of life is the foundation
    of all humanity.  
  • Children who interact with pets often learn responsibility, empathy and
    compassion as well as social skills like learning to share time, space and
    family member’s affection.  These types of skills can boost a child’s level of
    self-confidence and encourages children to be empathic and humanitarian
    towards adults and peers which can aide in the adaptation into school and
    society in general.  
  • Past studies have shown that children who help raise animals, have higher
    scores in empathy, nurturing, cognitive development, reading, social
    development, motor skills and IQ scores than children who do not help
    raise animals.

Many times early childhood skill levels are often confused with the skill levels that
are of a more mature child and one who understands what responsibility is and
how to follow through on promises or daily tasks.  By taking the time as parents,
guardians and teachers, children can be educated in responsible pet ownership
based on the child's level of life skill development.  Through positive guidance
and encouraging reinforcement methods, helpful social behavior skills can be
taught at the earliest and most primary grade levels where children can begin to
learn and comprehend that responsible pet ownership is a lifelong commitment to
care for and love an animal.

    The real beneficiary of humane education is ultimately our companion
    animals because we learn empathy and respect for their being, and can
    better learn how to meet their needs which raises an educated advocate
    that our animals can count on.

As humans our world consists of many various interests outside of our pets
lives.  To our pets – we are their  ENTIRE world and they depend solely on us for
their existence.

    By teaching children through the eyes of a pet, what a pet needs and
    wants are in order to live, how to meet those needs and wants in a caring
    and loving way, we promote responsible pet ownership.  Learning how to
    nurture an animal can create a caring and tender heart open to taking
    care of others and being kind to peers.  

    Understanding how to give love can be the first step towards learning how
    to love the world around us and those who live beside us.
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