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Loving Marley Helps Parents and Children Prepare for Responsible Pet Ownership
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Stories for Children Magazine is a montly Ezine for children ages 3 to 12
years old and strives to unlock children’s imagination.  Stanley Bookman
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Children’s Authors and Illustrators have been known to stop on by in the
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Children Magazine, also accepts stories written and illustrated by children
and teens and includes them in their publication.
Loving Marley received a wonderful review in
Stories for Children Magazine!
Was there ever a time in your life when you really, really, really wanted a
pet? Kurt and Ann Barker and their children, Ben and Justy, have a home
filled with love and decide that it is time to share their love. Since Aunt
Martha's dog, Starlight, has just had puppies, the Barkers go visit her to see
about adopting one of them. When they arrive, Aunt Martha tells them that
homes have been found for all the puppies except the littlest one, but the
Barkers immediately fall in love with the last puppy and name him Marley.
Adopting a puppy is a big responsibility, so Kurt, Ann, Ben, and Justy go
home to get ready for his coming. Just what all will they need to do? And
how will Marley react when he arrives?

The cute little pug puppy, drawn so cuddly looking in Carol Newsom's
illustrations, is based on a real dog named Marley. Authors Donald and
Sara Hassler have provided an adorable story that will not only be fun for
children (especially pet lovers) to read but will also help them understand
that pet ownership is a lifelong commitment to care for and love an animal.
Marley the pug is introduced in this first PugTales Adventures storybook.
Future volumes are planned that will guide young pet owners in the
day-by-day joys and trials that adopting a family pet brings. Loving Marley is
a homey and loving tale that I highly recommend.

REVIEWED BY: Wayne S. Walker,
reviewer with Stories for Children Magazine