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Loving Marley Helps Parents and Children Prepare for Responsible Pet Ownership
Loving Marley received
a fabulous review from
Mr. Jim Cox at
Midwest Book Review!
Children and puppy dogs are a natural combination for fun and mischief!
Co-authored by Donald and Sara Hassler, "Loving Marley" is an
informative and entertaining picturebook designed to introduce children
ages 4 through 8 to the concept of pet ownership as a lifelong
commitment to care for and love their animal companion. Gifted artist
Carol Newsom's illustrations are a superb storytelling enhancement
throughout. The debut title of an anticipated series of adventures
featuring Marley the pug dog, "Loving Marley" is an especially
recommended picturebook for introducing children to the responsibilities
and possibilities of an animal companion whether it is furred, finned, or
feathered. Of special not is the associated website at
www.pugtaleadventues.com where children can learn more. Simply stated,
"Loving Marley" will prove to be a popular acquisition choice for family,
school, and community library picturebook collections and personal
reading lists.
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Midwest Book Review
Midwest Book Review:
The June 2008 issue of "Children's Bookwatch",
The Picture Book Shelf—features
Loving Marley!