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Loving Marley Helps Parents and Children Prepare for Responsible Pet Ownership
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Loving Marley is a Celebrated Winner
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iParenting Media Awards' Reviewer Comments:

“This book described the many aspects of loving and caring for a dog.  It
showed my child how much work it takes to prepare for the arrival of a new
puppy, how much learning the puppy will need to do, and how much love and
attention a puppy will require.  It’s a great book that shows a child the reality of
owning a puppy.”
                                                           ~ iParenting Media Awards’ Reviewer

“I liked the theme of the book.  I think it’s very important for families looking to
get their first pet.  I really liked the poem at the end.  My children liked the story
and really liked seeing a real photo of the dog at the end.”
                                                           ~ iParenting Media Awards’ Reviewer

“The illustrations were excellent and very appealing to young readers.  The
themes of this book were well presented and easy to follow.  The poems that
were intertwined through the text were well received by all my students.”
                                                           ~ iParenting Media Awards’ Reviewer