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Dove Worldview:
This colorful illustrated storybook will educate families about the importance of
making a good decision when getting a pet. When one becomes a new pet
owner there are many things that need attention and "Loving Marley" is a
creative way to help relay those details. A fantastic tale that will help prepare
everyone regarding the responsibilities and changes that will happen when this
new addition to the family comes into the house, we happily award our Dove
“Family-Approved” Seal to this book. We award it five Doves, our highest rating.

About the Dove Foundation:
The mission of The Dove Foundation is to encourage and promote the creation,
production, distribution and consumption of wholesome family entertainment.  In
1991 The Dove Foundation began promoting family-friendly entertainment with
standards and criteria based on Judeo/Christian values, free from the pressure
of commercial interests. By believing in the positive approach of commending
high-quality wholesome movies and books, The Dove Foundation searches for
entertainment which is safe for family viewing.  When wholesome entertainment
is found, it is awarded the Dove Family Approved Seal.  The Dove Seal is a
symbol you can trust when selecting family friendly entertainment.

The Dove Foundation has produced “Hollywood’s Impact on Family Values,” TV
special hosted by Steve Allen and sponsors The Dove Family Film Festival®,
The Dove Movie Marathon® and The Dove Movie Channel®, a dedicated movie
channel designed specifically to provide clean and uplifting entertainment for
hospitalized children around the country.
Loving Marley Helps Parents and Children Prepare for Responsible Pet Ownership
Loving Marley has been
awarded with the